Legoland Competes in the Olympics

Sports 4 May 2010 | 0 Comments

It takes a lot to qualify as a country to compete in the Olympics, but if any country could qualify to be in the Olympics then could we see the introduction of country such as Legoland, and England.  I could see people claiming to be from those nations because they didn’t qualify to compete for their actual country.

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Alien landing

Aliens 15 March 2010 | 0 Comments

I once developed bingo software and know from experience that the chances of winning one of those really big jackpots, is about the same as an alien landing. The thing is, we know that people have won those jackpots in the past. So does that mean aliens have been visiting the planet all along and stealing cows and doing crop circles?

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Parking 15 March 2010 | 0 Comments

I couldn’t believe how bad at parking this person was. We all watching it here screaming at the screen “NO!”, so we know what the guy behind was going through. It was just nice of him to offer to park the vehicle for her.

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GP2X Wiz Mame/Amiga/Atari/NES/Console Emulator

Tech 15 January 2010 | 0 Comments


This is probably the coolest present I could get anyone for Christmas, everyone loves a good handheld game such as a DS Lite or PSP, but when you play classic console, Amiga, and Atari games on a hand held console then that is far better than any of the current consoles. I found exactly that on thinkgeek, the GP2 Wiz is a handheld device which runs linux and can run numerous emulators making it possible to play your favorite classic games. What sold me was that my wife loves Marble Madness and that runs really well on the GP2. If you love Commodore, MAME, NES, Amiga and Atari games then you have to get one of these.

If you are not convinced yet then click on the following link: Watch the GP2X Wiz in Action

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