GP2X Wiz Mame/Amiga/Atari/NES/Console Emulator

Tech 15 January 2010 | 0 Comments


This is probably the coolest present I could get anyone for Christmas, everyone loves a good handheld game such as a DS Lite or PSP, but when you play classic , , and on a hand held console then that is far better than any of the current consoles. I found exactly that on thinkgeek, the GP2 Wiz is a handheld device which runs linux and can run numerous emulators making it possible to play your favorite classic . What sold me was that my wife loves and that runs really well on the GP2. If you love Commodore, , , Amiga and Atari games then you have to get one of these.

If you are not convinced yet then click on the following link: Watch the GP2X Wiz in Action

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